Whiskey Hill Farms is a 14-acre organic farm on California’s Central Coast just south of Santa Cruz.  We cultivate specialty crops including tropical fruit, rare culinary and medicinal plants, and heirloom vegetable varieties in the off-season.

Our cultivation techniques are steeped in regenerative agricultural practices, which are beyond sustainable.  We understand our soil is a living, breathing ecosystem that needs nourishment and revitalization. To simply ‘sustain’ our soil is not good enough we work deliberately to regenerate soil vitality and fertility.  We make the richest, most vital soil possible to both repair damaged soil, we do it because healthy soil grows the the most delicious and nutritious food possible.  We believe in more than sustainable, we practice REGENERATIVE!

Employing poly-cropping techniques of permaculture, our six football field-sized greenhouses are  food forests. To mimic the natural world of multi-layered poly-culture, we grow turmeric and gingers underground, then we grow melons, heirloom peppers and basil varieties at ground level. We then plant vinning fruits such as tomatoes, passion fruit and lemon cucumbers and finally  fruit trees such as mango and papayas.  This technique enables the harvest of many layers of beautiful produce throughout all seasons.  Our pest control and fertilization methods also align with the natural world as we create habitat for our permanent residents; beneficial insects, snakes, and amphibians; our little farmers. At Whiskey Hill Farms, nothing is too ‘wild’ for us to grow.